State of the Field: British Romanticism 1780-1850

By: Kate Eickmeyer


Essays in Romanticism (formerly Prism[s]; ICR affiliated). Liverpool UP, 2 issues per year.

European Romantic Review (Journal of NASSR). Routledge, 6 issues per year.

Romanticism. Edinburgh UP, 3 issues per year.

Studies in Romanticism. Boston UP, 4 issues per year.

Wordsworth Circle (Journal of the Wordsworth-Coleridge Association). Boston UP, 4 issues per year. http://www.bu.edu/editinst/about/the-wordsworth-circle/

The Byron Journal (Jounal of the Byron Society). Liverpool UP. 2 issues per year. http://www.thebyronsociety.co.uk/


Keats-Shelly Journal (Journal of the Keats-Shelly Association of America). 1 issue per year. http://k-saa.org/keats-shelley-journal/

Romantic Circles Praxis Series (e-journal only). Frequency varies. http://www.rc.umd.edu/praxis

Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net (e-journal only). Frequency varies. http://ravonjournal.org/

A few books published 2013-2014:

Haines, Simon. Redemption in Poetry and Philosophy: Wordsworth, Kant, and the Making of the Post-Christian Imagination. Baylor UP, 2013.

Sandy, Mark. Romanticism, Memory, and Mourning. Ashgate, 2013

Yoshikawa, Saeko. William Wordsworth and the Invention of Tourism, 1820-1900. Ashgate, 2014.

Yousef, Nancy. Romantic Intimacy. Stanford UP, 2013.

Annual conferences:

International Conference on Romanticism (ICR). Annual. Fall 2015 conference in Vienna, Austria (no CFP announced yet). http://icr.byu.edu/ (Formerly the American Conference on Romanticism)

North American Society for the Study of Romanticism (NASSR). Annual. Aug 13-16, 2015 conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba on “Romanticism and Rights.” CFP Deadline January 17, 2015. http://nassr2015.wordpress.com/

British Association for Romantic Studies (BARS). Annual. July 15-19, 2015 in Cardiff, Wales. CFP Deadline January 31, 2015. http://www.romtext.org.uk/bars-2015-cfp/

Wordsworth Summer Conference. Annual. August 3-13, 2015 at Rydal Hall, Cumbria. No CPF announced yet, but last year was in April. http://www.wordsworthconferences.org.uk/3.html

International Byron Conference (The Byron Society). Annual, in June. No 2015 info or CFP posted yet. http://www.thebyronsociety.co.uk/

Not annual, but:

Every other year (2011, 2013, 2015, etc.): Keats-Shelley Association of America 1-day Symposium. No info on 2015 yet. http://k-saa.org/outreach/symposia/

Every other year (2015): Romantic Studies Association of Australasia (RSAA) conference. July 23-25, 2015, U of Melbourne. CFP Deadline March 1, 2015. http://conference.rsaa.net.au/

Book series:

Cambridge Studies in Romanticism

Yale Studies in English

Princeton’s Literature in History

Routledge Studies in Romanticism

Examples of past and present lecture series related to romanticism:

Boise State University’s Spring 2014 “The Idea of Nature” series: http://scholarworks.boisestate.edu/ideaofnature/

Stony Brook University’s Spring 2014 “Global Romanticisms” Dean’s lecture series: http://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/humanities/events/dean.html

NYU’s Scholars Lecture Series 2014/2015: http://cas.nyu.edu/docs/IO/31506/2014_ScholarsLecture.pdf

Scholarly blogs:

Romantic Circles: http://www.rc.umd.edu/blog_rc (whole website; also has a separate, infrequently updated blog on romanticism and pedagogy: http://www.rc.umd.edu/pedagogies/pedagogies_blog)

Blythe Spirits: http://blithespirits.org/

BARS Blog: http://www.romtext.org.uk/blog/

The Wordsworth Trust Blog: http://wordsworth.org.uk/blog/

Romanticist Research Group of NYU (NYURRG): http://nyurrg.org/

(Currently Inactive) The Hoarding: http://thehoarding.wordpress.com/

Not a blog, but interesting: UPenn’s “Unbinding Prometheus” project, with a MOOC starting Nov 21st and a conference in late spring: https://sites.google.com/site/theunbindingprometheusproject/home

Institutional Twitter accounts:

NYURRG: @RomanticismNYC

UPENN Unbinding Prometheus: @PrometheusPenn

BARS: @BARS_official

John Clare 2014 (Oxford Brookes): @JohnClare2014

Twitter accounts managed by individual scholars:

Romantic Imagination @romanticimag (Jon J. Dent)

Jim Kelley@onejimkelley (lecturer at U of Exeter)

18th Century Common@18common (Andrew Burkett of Union and Jessica Richard of Wake Forest)

Noel Jackson@noeljackson (rather bizarre Twitter page of MIT romantic lit professor)